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Personal Security Basics


The Brillstein personal security concept consists of measures to assess the level of threat faced by any individual, their company and their family and of pro-active measure to enhance your security level. Our experienced security experts will recommend preventive measures and response arrangements to increase the overall personal security.

Our concept includes:

·         a detailed physical security survey of the individual's residence and work place

·         a comprehensive assessment of security at the individual's residence and work place - including access control, document security, mail handling, telephone answering, car parking, emergency response procedures, etc

·         a review of the individual's travel arrangements and response procedures in times of security crisis

·         training plans which will allow any individual to quickly learn the most effective techniques for crime prevention, survival and self-defence - techniques that ANYONE can learn within a very short time and that will work, including Israeli special self-defence and city survival

Personal Security Advanced Program

For executives and other main employees, whenever there is an increased level of threat, or whenever a company wishes to improve upon its general security of their staff, Brillstein Security offers a customized, individual security program that assist in security a higher degree of safety when

·         employees are relocating to another town or country

·         there is change to business operating procedures

·         implementing redundancy measures or plant closures

·         making executive’s travel arrangements

·         opening new overseas operations

High-end personal safety is a key element in crime prevention and thus also in loss prevention. In many instances, it is well advised to use protective teams, but unfortunately too many executives and individuals underestimate the power of a personal security concept and personal safety measures. One problem is that too many people tend to ignore the danger and threats; another is that too many people don't really like to spend time training because they fear that it is too much of a hassle to train basic personal security measures or that these may interfere too much with their daily habits and lives. And finally, many people tend to wait and see what happens, save some money by not spending it on personal security and hope that everything will be ok. The daily news shows us daily that things are NOT always ok on this planet... not by a long shot. People get ripped off every day, robbed, killed, kidnapped. Targets are mainly affluent people, but do take into consideration that in the eyes of many robbers, killers and kidnappers EVERY Westerner is rich... So that includes every tourist, Western worker or executives, and their families.

Finally it is important to understand that each crime that takes place will cause a loss, loss of money, time, assets, quality of life or even life itself. Since crimes happen hundreds and thousands of time every single day, this amounts to an incredible sum of money that is lost each day – that is a very big concern to society AND to each individual victim. Crime concerns us all and certainly every executive of any company. The fact of the matter is this: about 80% of the normal, regular daily crimes can be AVOIDED by some very simple preventive measures, which are part of any decent personal safety strategy. You can LEARN and apply this strategy with only very little training and as regards the two MOST EFFECTIVE single tactics with even NO physical training at all! The Brillstein Personal Safety Concept will become your most valuable personal asset in personal safety and loss prevention.

If you are interested in making your life safer, protecting your family, your assets and your employees with simple, non-expensive steps and just a little bit of thought and effort, please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.


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