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The time to act is NOW. Better foresight than hindsight. Once the damage is done, it could easily be the end of your company or create irreversible damages, you could lose complete projects or very important key personnel to your competitors.

Regardless of the kind of threat, be it espionage, terrorism, crime - Brillstein Security will provide the right kind of professional service. Our risk control team will assess the actual situation, intervention teams will tackle any problems you might face. From assessment to detectives, from undercover jobs to perimeter security or close protections teams.

Whatever you need in terms of high-end security services, Brillstein Security is your competent partner for all matters of your security! We can also train your own staff to perform as an in-house security department.  



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Brillstein Security will conduct a professional risk assessment as regards your company, tailored to suit your needs and situation. We will develop an individual security plan, which includes crisis management, loss and fraud protection, all-over security, protection plans and much more.

After the in-depth assessment phase, upon having the security plan ready, we will discuss this plan with you in detail and put the plan into action.

Risk or security management is about loss prevention. Incidents result in losses. It is the task of the Brillstein Security risk control wing to prevent incidents from happening, and where this is impossible, to help minimize the losses. The means to realize these goals are security audits and assessments. If you already have a risk assessment and security detail in place, it is of paramount importance that you run regular security test, security audits and penetration test by external experts.

BRILLSTEIN SECURITY is able to offer all relevant security services, be it security audits, protection, investigations, intelligence, private military - worldwide. If you want top professional service - look no further... Brillstein Security is your perfect partner. 

Regardless of the kind of security threat, we are able to assist and help you SOLVE your problem. Any time, anywhere - we are on stand-by to assist you!