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EU Brillstein Security Agency Inc.
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BSG logoIn the early 1980's, security and anti/counter terror specialist Arik Brillstein started his own private small security firm, after having served in various official security and counter-terrorist units for several years. Together with ex-colleagues and other professionals from  security services from around the world, Arik created EFFACT, the Elite Fighting and Fitness and Combat Training courses. At the same time, Arik and his team offered security services worldwide, specializing in anti-terror, anti-fraud, investigations, intelligence and private military.

As crime and terrorism have globalized, in the same way the security industry did, Arik Brillstein and his partners decided to go along and create a global network of security partners and companies, in order to react to the modern threat.

Important specialist companies such as EUBSA BV Inc. and the PALADIN RISK ASSESSMENT as well as PALADIN INTEL and INFORMATION SERVICES joined the network. More recently, a large South African security company joined Brillstein as our main sub-Saharan representative,significantly expanding our activities in Africa with high-end security services. New BSG-EUBSA representations and Facilities have also been established in North Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Pakistan and India. Partner companies most recently joined the BSG are in Nepal, Afghanistan, Tahiti, Turkey and in the Ukraine.

In cooperation with the independent BSA eLearning institute, a formidable alliance on all security sectors, including studies, research and training courses, has been formed and gradually extended ever since the late 1980's.

Today, BRILLSTEIN SECURITY comprises a number of highly professional and skilled companies worldwide, able to offer any professional security and protection service, security training and private military service anywhere on this planet - for private and corporate clients all over the world.

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