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Brillstein and Cobra Services LC - BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP


BRILLSTEIN SECURITY - one name, but same reliable quality of security services!

Also know as "BSG", the Brillstein Security Group is an international security network, constisting of close to 550 partners/daughter companies worldwide, offering all top-notch security services, both private and corporate security.

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Web site Brillstein Security

  • Homepage - the new BSG homepage
  • Services - find information about security services, intelligence, close protection, investigations, private military
  • About BSG - our local and international offices, information on BSG
  • Counsel - security counsel, risk assessment
  • Partners - the main international BSG network partners, how your security firm can become a licensed BSG partner
  • Training - BSG training and study courses fpr privat clients, corporate clients and security professionals
  • Investor Relations - see how investing into the BSG will be to our mutual benefit
  • Press - Public affairs

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