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With well over 35 years' experience, Brillstein Security is one of the world's leading expert teams for  kidnap prevention and kidnap response services. The approach of any concerned person should be two-pronged which is always our first choice of strategy:

kidnap prevention which include services such as

Kidnap response

Should a kidnap take place, we will immediately deploy a specialist team within less than 24 hours. The reaction must be tailored to the individual situation, taking legal requirements into consideration. Our elite teams consist of highly training counter terror experts with additional qualification as hostage negotiators, hostage rescue, investigators, psychologist and medical specialist, among other. Brillstein will provide

  • evaluation of the circumstances surrounding the kidnap situation
  • investigation of perpetrators and all circumstances
  • counselling on possible options for the client
  • explanation the sequence of future events as they can be expected
  • effective counsel on strategies to successfully resolve the extortion
  • assistance in management of the agendas of all interested parties
  • legal advice
  • contact to the media
  • protection of the client
  • support for the victim's family throughout the hostage situation
  • help rehabilitate the victim after release and provide protection from media attacks etc.

Our kidnap response consultants are supported by a dedicated team of top-notch international specialists worldwide located around the world for quick response time. Kidnap is a still growing international industry from Somali pirates, to groups in Iraq, Afghanistan or Yemen with centuries of kidnap tradition, in Pakistan, Turkey, all over Africa, many parts of Asia and South America. Not only cooperate managers are being kidnapped but equally workers, officials or simple tourist are being targeted. The danger is rising for almost any person travelling or working in such countries.

Brillstein Security can offer you the complete professional range of services, as well as special kidnap insurance policies. The best moment to act is NOW, before you face such a crisis event. Please contact us any time for more details!


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