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With well over 35 years' experience of dealing with extortion, we will assist you in the event of such crime being directed against our client by deploying a specialist team of investigators within less than 24 hours.
We will take all available means to protect our client's interests including but not limited to
  • evaluation of the circumstances surrounding the extortion
  • investigation of perpetrators and all circumstances
  • counselling on possible options for the client
  • explanation the sequence of future events as they can be expected
  • effective counsel on strategies to successfully resolve the extortion
  • assistance in management of the agendas of all interested parties
  • legal advice
  • contact to the media
  • protection of the client

In an extortion incident, there usually are several groups involved with an their own agendas: the organisation concerned, labour unions, communications and public relations consultancies, the media, governments and local law enforcement agencies. Our expert extortion advisors provide clients with objective counsel on how to manage the various interests in a manner which supports the client's aim. In addition to the above, especially in the case of multinational corporations, we will deploy a liaison officer to the corporation headquarters, at which the most fundamental policy decisions will be taken.

A common form of extortion exists whereby a company operating in an area under partial control or influence of terrorist guerrilla organisations is approached for the payment of 'war taxes and similar claims'. Our consultant will advise how best to counter such demands, while ensuring the safety of its staff, continuation of operations and compliance with local and international legislation.

Extortion comes in many forms and disguises. Product extortion, bomb threats or even kidnap for ransom are some examples. If you face such a threat and need professional help where police is not available or in instances where you want to get independent counsel and help, do contact us at any time!


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