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The Brillstein asset tracing and debtor management experts have long-standing experience in tracing and recovering assets that perpetrators of fraud or debt dodgers go to great efforts to conceal.

  • makes use of the extensive global contacts of the Brillstein Security Group and to research and expose complex corporate structures and the individuals concerned. Our top-notch financial investigators will set intensive investigations in motion.
  • analyses information disclosed during legal proceedings to lead to hidden assets
  • works on a global basis to determine facts and patterns of financial behaviour
  • able to identify relevant individuals for interview based on their business and/or social connection to the subject
  • fully trained on the worldwide availability and interpretation of public record information
  • locates the debtor and deals with him with the necessary means in order to recover the client's assets

The regular means of most recovery companies fail and even lawyers and courts will only help to get a legal title against the debtor; but lawyers, courts and simple recovery firms will soon give up if a debtor used debt-dodging techniques, disappear, hides his assets and so forth. You do NOT have to stand for that. We will help you recover your assets.

"Asset Protection" may go farther than debt collection and in fact should kick in BEFORE the damage has been done! Therefore, it is wise to take measures to prevent loss e.g. by use of the following means

Please contact us to discuss your individual security problems at any time.


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