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PRAI  Deep Security Program (DSP) - commitment based security program

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The Brillstein Deep Security Program (DSP) is a commitment based customized security program designed to create not only a safe workplace but a totally safe company environment.
Traditional workplace security focuses on loss prevention and personal safety. With companies now at risk from the threats of terrorism and bio-terrorism, traditional physical security measures such as cameras, alarms, badges and sensors are definitely not enough. Effective workplace security is achieved by creating a workplace culture where security is an integral part of every employee’s job and lifestyle. A workforce committed to security reduces the overall reliance on physical security and will drastically enhance the overall security.
Our cost-effective DSP security program teaches all employees how to identify and deal with security breaches. Employee commitment is achieved through a combination of training and regular communication on security related matters.
  • Management:
    • a leadership team makes the primary decision determining the level of security required for their facilities
    • a security steering committee guides the ongoing security effort, conducts a comprehensive threat analysis and creates an initial security plan
  • Employees:
    • all employees are engaged through a series of security awareness workshops that educate them on basic security principles, followed by a simulated security incident
    • employees learn about the security steering team’s security plan and make improvements to workplace security based upon their knowledge of facility and product vulnerabilities

The commitment based security programme can be adapted for a number of security threats, such as terrorism, fraud, theft, violence and corruption.
Still a large number of companies consider the concept of reduction of the costs for security higher, than the need for high-end security.  This can lead to dramatic security breeches. Ironically the costs for ignoring the threats are far greater, than the costs for a decent security concept...

The modern threats include crime such as theft, fraud, debtor fraud, supplier fraud, extortion, sabotage and product contamination, industrial espionage, embezzlement, robbery, corruption, terrorism; other security concerns are workplace safety, liability, law suits, close protection, travel security, debtor management, crisis management, incident response and many more. The Brillstein DSP will take all possible threats into consideration and establish a customized security plan for your company.


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