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Hostile Environment Training - HET - hostage situation training

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The Brillstein "Hostile Environment Training" or "HET" is designed to benefit individuals and company staff who intend to travel to and/or operate in a high risk environment. The five-day course focuses on personal security, situational awareness and first aid, and can be modified to suit the specific requirements of the participants.

The purpose of the course is to raise the level of awareness and the confidence of the participant in dealing with conflict and crisis situations such as kidnap, any kind emergencies, traumatic events, or simply the unexpected. The course will address hostile environments of all varieties, from war zones and countries with unfriendly regimes to situations where the individual is simply made to feel uncomfortable. Indeed, a ‘hostile environment’ does not necessarily need to be a place where conflict is currently occurring; extremes of climate—both hot and cold—can, in certain circumstances, become life threatening.  

The majority of the training takes place outdoors so as to make the training as realistic as possible. As the week progresses, the confidence and ability of the participants increases through a series of realistically designed and progressively difficult scenarios.

The course will:
  • Develop personal security and awareness techniques
  • Improve your confidence and awareness of potential risks in high risk environments
  • Demonstrate and teach personal protection equipment and tactics
  • Teach first aid skills and survival as well as self-defence techniques
  • Provide the opportunity for students to practice their response to threatening situations in a realistic environment
  • Provide instruction about weapon characteristics and danger areas

Advantages of HET:

  • training by some of the most experienced men in the field
  • all instructors reside in the same location as the participants for the entire week, thus facilitating an informal approach to training and the opportunity to talk over the day’s events in the evenings
  • a personalised approach to training which allows flexibility in the course content, depending on individual needs
  • a restricted course option should a company want a group of employees to train together with a specific aim
  • complete confidentiality policy and a rigorous ethics policy

Crisis Management Seminar

This three-day seminar is targeted at executives who will have responsibility for taking decisions when an employee’s life is at stake.
The seminar focuses on the development and implementation of a corporate strategy and the roles and responsibilities of the corporate crisis management team.
It gives you an in-depth understanding of the difficult situations that arise during kidnap or extortion incidents, enabling them to share their experiences with other companies and become an active and informed part of the crisis management team.

Main features

  • main issues of crisis management
  • Identify key issues during an incident
  • Examine the threats and complications that can arise
  • Look at how to respond in the immediate time period following a kidnap and the need to gain control from the outset
  • Examine how to control events when faced with potentially conflicting interests
  • Consider the corporate response to the incident and how to reassure other employees and the victim’s family
  • media and public relations issues
  • action to be taken to protect the company’s overall security interests

Target group

  • Company exec and Security officers
  • Main Human Resources officers
  • Business Development staff
  • Public Relations officers
  • Legal Advisors

Fees, booking, misc.

The HET and Crisis management course fees start at 990.- EURO per person, depending on the number of group members booking. Accommodation and meals included, as well as training material. The seminars take place in Germany, France, the US, but training staff can come to your location if you book for a complete group. Accommodation in excellent hotels in either double or single rooms. For booking inquiries, please contact us any time.


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