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The Brillstein crisis management team will work with you to assess your company’s areas of vulnerability, help define your corporate aims and objectives, identify potential participants and their agendas, prepare contingency plans, and allocate resources.
Based on our 25 years of experience in crisis planning and crisis management, we can assist in advising on the best structure of a crisis management team and help to draw up a comprehensive crisis management plan to deal with a wide range of issues, such as

The combined experience and expertise of all the disciplines within the Brillstein Security Group is available to support our crisis management consultants in their work for your company. This  unique crisis planning service cannot be fully matched by small or single security service competitors. Crisis and emergency situation CAN be planned for ahead of time. Most disasters do not fall from the sky. The management of a company simply needs to stop ignoring threats and face them; failing to plan for emergencies in advance may result in complete termination of a company. We will help you to prevent that with professional means.


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