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Brillstein Investigation Wing

The Brillstein Investigation Wing comprise of highly experienced professional investigators. We operate worldwide for our clients and we produce results. We will conduct ANY kind of investigation operation needed. Our detectives and investigators have profound knowledge of investigating crimes and crime scenes, criminology, psychology, law and economics. Some examples of possible actions:

  • Fraud Investigations, Asset Recovery, White Collar Crime Investigations
  • Financial Investigations
  • Action on blackmail, kidnap, product extortion
  • Crime scene, evidence processing
  • Getting evidence to support law suits
  • Counsel
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Finding lost persons
  • Undercover Ops - short or long term,
  • Investigations, Observation, Surveillance
  • Bail Bonds and Bail Enforcement, fugitive location
  • any kind of investigations, worldwide, any scope, any risk level

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