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Brillstein Security Group -  Selection course and exam program

selection1The BSG "Selection and exam course" - is NOT a training course but a very tough selection process to eliminate the weaker, less couraged, less fit applicants. It allows our recruiters to evaluate applicants real-time and under extreme conditions. Résumés, references and certificates are all well and do have their place within the application process, but they do NOT necessarily reflect the true capabilities of an applicant. We are looking for the best of the best, the selection course will reveal your true self, and there is no room for any tricks whatsoever. The top-notch operators will be able to separate themselves from the wanabees. Because this is the case, the best 2 participants of each selection course will receive the next open job positions or can alternatively select one full training course of their own choice out of the training and study course program of the Brillstein Security Academy, which includes guaranteed employment upon completion of such course plus the option to start working with BSG/EUBSA even during the selected training course.

Selection Course program: Duration 1 week. The exercises include a lot of physical training, running, many miles of tabbing with rucks on your back, little food and sleep, close combat training but equally important are medicals, psychological tests, simulations of tricky real-life situations, practical problem solution, quick thinking on your feet, courage, toughness, willingness to fully apply yourself. It is NOT necessary to have prior military or other specific training (although it won't hurt...). Intelligence does count as much as does fitness! We will give EVERYONE a fair chance but it won't be easy – that much we can guarantee you. Each day you will train between about 10 and 18 hours. For each exercise you will be given points. You need to score at least minimum points in order to be certified. The best TWO participants at the end of the course will be selected for either direct employment or free training/study course of their own choice (including a guaranteed employment upon completion of the course plus the option to start working for BSG/EUBSA during the time of the training course).

Provided the 2 best participants of each selection course either have sufficient prior and suitable training or that they complete a special training course, they may be selected into a special operator team for undercover and intelligence work, international crisis intervention, evacuation and extraction etc. Find out more here. There are, however, a number of other job positions to choose from, in all relevant security sectors and postings in a number of countries.

If you are looking for a lucrative and special kind of career in the private international security industry, this is your top chance! BSG and EUBSA will discuss your career and future the moment you have passed selection. It is thus now up to you…!

Are you tough and fit enough for this challenge? You'll be own your own. No one will cheer on, you will have to focus, suck it up and motivate yourself to keep on going. There will be little sleep and food, you thus need to cope with hunger, sleep deprivation, thirst, you need to overcome yourself and the pain. There'll be many tasks each day to complete but you will not know ahead what's waiting for you, we will keep you on your toes all the time. You'll have no friends, you need to compete against all other participants - this is no team event, this is you against yourself AND the rest, there won't be feedback from the staff either. The only constant will be your growing wish to finally stop the madness... Only the best of the good will be able to complete the whole week, that is why the certificate handed to those who actually do finish the total course, in and by itself, already is a precious commendation.

One-time fee for selection course: 1095.00 EURO (at present appr. 1,650.00 USD) - including the total course program, training material and accommodation plus a 16 week fitness plan to prepare for SEC

Lien of courses: South Africa - you need to travel to S.A. for the duration of the selection course - see www.southafrica.eubsa.com

Dates: as of March 2010, we'll offer one course per month - the course usually takes place during the 15th week of each month - we'll only admit a limited no. of participants in 2010, when the number has been reached, we'll terminate SEC for 2010. EARLY BOOKING is thus important!

Registration: in order to register for the BSG Selection and Exam Course Program, please order the registration form and info document today. Since the fitness plan included in the course takes 16 weeks to complete - and we DO recommend that you complete the total fitness plan no matter HOW fit you think you are - you should allow for sufficient time in advance before you take part in the selection course.

Find out more about the prep course to the selection course

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