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Brillstein Security Group -  Selection course and exam program (SEC)

ATTENTION - REGISTER NOW FOR NEW SERIES OF SEC in MARCH 2010 - limited seats available only!

The BSG/EUBSA Selection and Exam Course is probably the toughest selection program of the private security industry. It helps us to spot the best applicants for international top-notch security services.

The selection course gives all applicants a fair chance to show us they are in fact amongst the best applicants. We have found out that the usual application system and job interviews do not always bring the best results, they also waste a lot of time and resources and very often do not include capable applicants that simply do not yet have "the right papers". Also, some applicants can "sell" themselves better than others, but this doesn't mean they really are the better candidates for us. In order to REALLY find out who is and is not an ultimate candidate, we started to apply the selection course.

We do realize that some applicants may not yet have had sufficient prior training for a given job position. Yet they may very well be a better candidate than someone who did have prior training, simply because they work harder, are tougher, and are more loyal for instance. In order to give these "less trained" applicants a fair chance, and in order to give all applicants a better chance to make one of the first 2 places of a selection course, we start offering a "PREP COURSE" to the selection course. The prep course includes learning and training modules - also rigorous fitness training for 16 weeks - which help you better prepare for what the selection has in store for you. The prep course will NOT reveal the training plan of the selection course, but will give you hints as to what kind of exercises wait for you.

The prep course includes a fitness training plan covers 16-18 weeks, all in all. You will still need a lot of courage, endurance, and resolve to complete the actual selection course, but the prep course will go a long way in order to help you prepare and better your chances. A tutor will answer questions during the prep course.

You will receive training plans, learning material and a list of exercises for you to complete yourself, at home (and outdoors) and in your own time within the time frame of about 18 weeks. You should thus apply for the selection course sufficient time ahead in order to be able to complete the prep course. We advise you to count 4, 5 months in advance; this will give you the chance to complete the full prep course.

The total one-time fee for the prep course AND the selection course is 1,450.00 EURO (at present just under 2,200.00 USD). All registered participants of the prep course are being GUARANTEED participation in a selection course even after 2010 - this will allow you for as much time you need for the preparations.

Register now and reserve your place in the selection program! Please contact us for your registration form and info document today!

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